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Our surroundings have much to offer. The National Tourist Road Trollstigen is one of the most popular nature attractions in Norway. The Atlantic Road is also in the same region.

The Trollstigen Road
The Trollstigen Mountain Road twists through 11 hairpin bends as it climbs up to Stigrøra (858 metres above sea level). In some places it is cut into the mountain; in others it is built on top of stone walls.

An impressive bridge in natural stone carries it across the Stigfossen Waterfall. The road is closed in winter and normally opens in late May or early June. The mountains which encircle the Trollstigen Mountain Road, which lies in the heart of Romsdal, are impressive.

Trollveggen and Romsdalseggen Ridge
Admire the famous big wall Trollveggen or hike the Romsdalseggen Ridge. The Romsdal area is regarded as a Mecca for hiking, climbing and skiing. The Romsdaleggen Ridge starts and ends in Åndalsnes, and is a day tour with magnificent views over the Romsdalsfjord, the Trollveggen wall and Romsdalshorn.

The Atlantic Road
On the Atlantic Road, you can drive across bridges and rock-filles from island to island right out to the ocean’s edge. The road stretches between the fishing village of Bud and Kristiansund. From Molde, follow RV64 to Elnesvågen and the continue to the fishing village Bud. It is easy to park your car in one of the many lay-bys and walk a few metres to the smooth coastal rocks and some excellent fishing spots. Family friendly paths are made several places; in Bud, at Farstad and Vevang. A stone’s throw or two to the west the shipping lane crosses the notorious waters of Hustadvika, which conceal innumerable wrecks. This is also where you find the idyllic fishing village of Håholmen.

The Eikesdalen Valley and Mardalsfossen Waterfall
Explore Eikesdalen Valley with its dramatic nature and the Mardalsfossen Waterfall that cascades 297 metres down into the valley, making it the fourth highest waterfall in the world (the whole waterfall is 655 metres). The waterfall is an impressive sight in the period when the water is released by the hydroelectricity company – from 20 June to 20 August each year. The walk up to the waterfall takes about 45 minutes.

The Aursjøvegen Road
The scenic Aursjøvegen Road (toll road) goes from Eikesdalen Valley over to the Sunndalsøra Valley, and is an incredible drive. Some may say that this road is even wilder than Trollstigen. The highest point lies at 862 metres above sea level. The road is open from June to October/November.