Langfjord Lodge
Høvik 6460 Eidsvåg
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Activities & Adventures


There are a great many lakes in the mountains where it is possible to fish from your kayak/canoe or simply from the shore.
A good salmon river in the area is also accessible in the summer months.

But if salt water fish is your game you have come to the right place.
All kinds of Atlantic fish are present in this fjord year round. The fjord is open to the Atlantic and gets progressively deeper towards the west. It has a depth of 30 – 170meters for the best fishing – but its total depth in the middle is 350meters outside the Lodge to 650meters south of Molde.
Due to this fact, deep water fish can migrate into the fjord system without having to go over underwater barriers, like boulders and remains from the ice age in the mouth of the fjord like most of the fjords have.
Our best fishing grounds is the steep wall from which the adjacent fjord meets the other.
Here there is a lot of food for the fish when the currents from the tide is right and the rivers near by are big.
The Lodge has several fishing boats available and we will help you set it up with the right tools to get the highest possible chance to catch that big one – or just the fish you are looking for.
We will instruct you in how to handle the boat and engine, and tell you where you most likely will find your catch on various days.

Langfjord Lodge has access to large hunting grounds for deer and elk as well as birds.
The times of hunting various animals, varies from year to year.
Bring your own gun plus licence!
On snow it is possible to use the big snowmobile to get around.
Guides can be provided.

Other Activities

The year round activities consist of hiking, fishing, diving, sight seeing.
The seasonal activities are pleasure boating, kanoing, kayaking, skiing and hunting.
All of this outdoor activities are available from Langfjord Lodge.
It is situated in the middle of many well known sights and will give you an average minimum time to visit them all.
At least 2 weeks is recommended in order to visit the most famous sites, but you can always come back for more.
We have many visitors that come back year after year. These are people that value the slow pace of life and have learned the possibilities that are available here to live an active life – in sort of a pact with nature itself.
Just to watch the children discovering all the small creatures on the beach, under the stones or hiding under the seaweed tells it all.
They just got back to nature and are willing to explore it all!

We will also provide canoe and kayak for rent, along with a water scooter and even a bigger faster boat.
If you desire a yacht to guide you and your party on the waves to sight see the big fjords – it can also be arranged.
In fact helicopter trips for those who like to get the best bird view – can be arranged.